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SWEL is committed to them because they  are committed to you.

We are here for any first responder or veteran that needs us.  Our goal is to make their career and lives rewarding, fulfilling, and happy.

Help us keep the good ones good and healthy. 

Police Cars
Emergency Vehicles
Firehouse Gear
Veteran Memorial Service

SWEL's Mission is Simple:

These professional communities experience high levels of stress and trauma throughout their careers.


Often, the ability to process these events is the difference between living a fulfilling life OR succumbing to anxiety and despair.


Physical separation from a world of hyper-vigilance, high personal risk, adrenaline spikes and unpredictable encounters is key to the ability to manage stress.


Coupled with learning a new skill, the therapeutic sport of surfing promotes healing through improving one’s self-efficacy. 

to help promote the health and wellness of Veterans and First Responders. 

SWEL’s surf coaches have found refuge in the ocean and want to provide the same opportunity to decompress, disconnect and reinvigorate for the men and women who serve.

Typical Surf Mission    Weekend


Everyone flies in from their hometown

Evening surf session

Dinner out followed by sponsor hospitality at the beach house


Breakfast burritos, because... why not... & rocket fuel (aka coffee)

Morning surf session

Beach clean up or community event

Lunch and hydration

Afternoon surf session

Hosted steak dinner & sponsor hospitality


Breakfast and more rocket fuel

SWEL beach event open to all veterans and first responders

Sponsor lunch

Surf till you drop

Free night - dinner on your own 


Optional early morning surf session

Light breakfast and off to their home destination

Through your generosity, our goal is to fund guided surf trips and instruction to empower America’s heroes as they work for all of us.

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