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What is a SWEL Mission?

Our SWEL Missions are all inclusive four-day, three-night surf trips for our nation’s heroes with a focus on the mind, body, and soul. This is accomplished through yoga, wholesome family style meals, and, of course, surfing.

Each day provides opportunities for personal growth and decompression within the structure of a carefully crafted itinerary that is set in advance and focuses on the specific needs and dynamic of each group. Full participation is strongly encouraged.

Each participant’s airfare, lodging, and most meals are covered. SWEL strives to obtain the best accommodations possible to promote a relaxed community atmosphere. During surfing sessions, yoga practice, and downtime, participants are joined by local SWEL Ambassadors who are also veterans and first responders.

SWEL Missions are the ideal place for strengthening bonds, healing wounds, and celebrating service. Much like peer support, the missions offer a positive setting to discuss issues affecting our participants or merely an opportunity to escape. We do not offer therapy in a traditional sense; however, we are happy to refer out as needed.

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