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Laura Smith - Board of Directors

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After earning her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Kansas in 1999, Laura Smith remained at the University of Kansas School of Law and obtained her Juris Doctorate.  After passing the Kansas (2002) and Missouri (2003) bars, Laura worked in a variety of legal areas including trusts, estate planning, business formation, insurance claims, landlord/tenant matters, and criminal defense.  In 2007, Laura became an Assistant District Attorney in Wyandotte County, Kansas before moving to the Johnson County District Attorney’s drug unit in 2008.  Laura spent 7.5 years prosecuting high level drug cases including manufacture, cultivation and distribution of narcotics.  During her career in prosecution, she was able to handle a number of high level and high profile cases including person, property and drug crimes. 

After 10 years in prosecution, Laura returned to criminal defense and began to practice in family law in 2016.  Since that time, she has shifted her practice to entirely family law matters.  This practice includes divorce, paternity, child custody, child support, protection orders and guardianship.  Working in family law has been extremely fulfilling and has allowed Laura to continue her passion of helping others, including numerous first responders, during some of their most challenging life experiences. 

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