Our Surf Missions

Our surf recovery missions are what we are all about. 


We want every first responder and veteran to come away from our events feeling refreshed and ready for what life brings next.

A study by Dr. Russell Crawford, “The Impact of Ocean Therapy on Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder” found improvement of PTSD symptoms, depression and self-efficacy. Other studies have shown similar mental health improvements.


“When I finally made it out past the incoming waves, I was surrounded by other surfers, but felt such a sense of peace and tranquility, it was almost like I was out there all alone. It was a feeling I’d never experienced before and really can’t even explain.”

Because of donations from people like you, SWEL was able to provide a memorable, enjoyable and highly impactful experience.

The Inaugural Trip

In August of 2020, we sponsored a group of Overland Park Police Officers who lost a close friend and fellow officer in a brutal line of duty death.


During the trip, the participants were treated to loads of good food to include a surf and turf meal at the beach house. There was a surf event open to all veterans, first responders and their family on Saturday.


The trip was culminated by a paddle out and lei ceremony held in honor of their slain brother on Sunday. As the sun burns grew, so did the smiles and re invigoration. 

Round 2

This November we are headed to Seal Beach, Ca to continue our mission to help address the issues of PTSD and help promote the health and wellness of our First Responders.

There are two types of stress that contribute to PTSD, acute and cumulative. This trip is interesting as it will help to address those affected by both. Our invited guests have a combined military background of 20 years and 61 years combined law enforcement. The amount of cumulative stressors experienced over 80 plus years has to be astronomical. Surviving attacks where someone is actively trying to end your life can have devastating effects on your career, personal life and overall well being if they are not provided positive outlets. 

Help us out on our next mission and donate now.

We are looking for help with food, a local personal chef, and a local restaurant willing to host the group for one night.


100% of donations go to our events.  Everyone who works with SWEL are volunteers. 

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