Kiona Sinks - Board of Directors

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Kiona Sinks by trade is a social and civic innovator setting the standard for how young leaders should model in action community engagement, bringing forward generations of all sectors of professions to change the perspective on what community activism should model in our modern day world. Kiona takes pride in giving back, Kiona is a community minded connector with ten years of consistent volunteerism and community engagement. She is both mission -driven and passionate about diversity and inclusion and promoting social, and civic engagement. During her Undergraduate career, Kiona helped spearhead the founding of the inaugural African American Student Union (AASU) at Central Methodist University. The AASU’s mission is to promote positive images of African Americans and to stimulate the cultural, intellectual and social growth of all CMU students, faculty, and staff. As a Student Ambassador, Kiona was selected as one of the top ten students by the Jefferson City, Mid Missouri Higher Education Board.


In her short time in Kansas City, Kiona has advanced the agenda for many diverse and marginalized groups here in Kansas City, and has begun to make an impact by helping to educate the next generation of leaders on the importance of diversity and inclusion, civic engagement, and social justice. Multi -task oriented, flexible, positive, and able to adapt effectively to challenging situations. Kiona is a speaker and conducts conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion. Kiona has a proven track record of success in initiating, promoting and maintaining strong interpersonal relations with many in different sectors. Currently, Kiona serves as Community Engagement Manager + Digital Marketing Strategy for the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri.